Amor y Luz

Re-connection to the source

Zaira Luz

Re-connection to the source comes to help us regain the position of what we already are. It is not the healing of a symptom, but to regain balance in everything you are.


Don’t dream your life. Live your dream!


A session will provide physical, mental, spiritual and emotional balance through interaction with the frequencies of Transformational Re-connection, the most powerful healing frequencies on the planet. You can receive your session in person or remotely.

“It’s tangible, it’s measurable, it really can be felt.”


“That pain I had was taken away from me, you know? I had been suffering from chronic back pain for a while, the first two days were completely gone and these days are hardly a reflex but it works!”

Yamuna. Professor of acroyoga and laugh therapy

During the session he felt his head and body heavy.

“My experience was a pleasant feeling, so much that I didn’t want to open my eyes again, I felt a yellow and pink light that covered me. I had a pain in my mouth that would not let me eat and when I got home after a short nap, when I ate something I noticed that the pain in my mouth had practically disappeared. I could eat Thank you, Zaira. “

Diana Tarello

She has seen petal-shaped colors that she describes as energy. She has seen a long wooden path with vegetation and flowers on the sides. several beautiful landscapes full of flowers, she told me: “It’s the first time in my life that I stop thinking and my mind relaxed.”

Juan Pablo De Turris. Security boss

During the session his hands rose slowly completely, resting only on the tips of his little fingers. His chin and eyes were constantly blinking rapidly. When he woke up, he confessed to me that he felt his arms and chest open completely as if with a white light in his chest.

Vicente Palazón

During the session he fell asleep instantly and felt a lot of surrounding energy in the middle zone. When he woke up, he told me that it was impossible for him to fall asleep at once. His pain was quite calm because of a stone in the kidney. I was skeptical of all kinds of energy healing and in general any outside of traditional medicine. Over time he was perceiving changes and awareness at the mental level. He discovered that he was taking care of everyone but himself, which made him react and is currently enjoying things that he had forgotten and that are essential for the human being, for example living your own life and loving you above all things.

What they think of us

These are some of the opinions of people who have re-connected their lives.

What is Re-connection to the source?

Re-connection to the source provides “new” axonal lines that reconnect us with a more powerful and evolved level than ever before.

These lines are part of a network of timeless intelligence, a parallel dimensional system that attracts the fundamental energy for the renewal of the functions of the human body.

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