On Sunday, December 2, the Mentor and Teaching Assistant of Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection®, Margarita Álvarez, organized a conference for Reconnective Healing® facilitators who have been or continue to be trained in healing others through the frequencies.

The meeting took place in the co-working space Alzentro in Madrid and was held within the framework of the 25th anniversary of The Reconnection and its discovery by the international founder, Dr. Eric Pearl.

The session was divided into four blocks with lectures that reflected on topics such as the meaning of Being Love, Being Light, Energy and Expanded Reality and finally Consciousness of Abundance. All these sections, nurtured with the participation of real testimonies that through their experience around these issues tell what they have felt in a revealing way about love, light, energy and abundance after connecting with frequencies.

Conference "Being Love" Margarita Alvarez
Zaira Luz and Margarita Álvarez at the moment of one of the exercises to feel the frequencies
  • Undoubtedly, a deep session and an immense personal and reflective impact where there were also practical exercises that showed, once again, how tangible is Reconnective Healing® and the effectiveness of those frequencies that vibrate around us and within us.
  • Finally, there was also participation by videoconference of Dr. Eric Pearl, discoverer of these frequencies and founder of The Reconnection, and its corporate director Jillian Fleer.
  • If you want to have more information about how to go to upcoming information sessions on Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® or even know how to train yourself to improve your life and help other people to do the same, click here.

You will not regret!