Reactivation to the source session



Reactivation to the source connects our energy structure with the rest of the Universe, which so far we have felt disconnected-aligning on this plane according to the desires of our soul, heart and spirit.
Reactivation to the source generates new lines in our body. These lines are similar to meridians or acupuncture lines and extend beyond the physical body to join the own Earth and the rest of the universe.

Reactivation is 2 sessions on consecutive or alternate days.
Activation of lines and dots that you connect to the energy structure of the planet and the cosmos using frequencies of energy, light and information of Energy Healing.
Upon receipt of the order confirmation, I’ll contact you to set appointments in the spaces available.
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes each session


Reactivation to the source is performed in two sessions of 30 minutes each, on consecutive days. There should be a night of rest between them, where you can relax and enjoy your process.
In them, I will activate the unique pattern of reactivation with the frequencies of energy, light and Information of Energy Healing.
It is done only once in life and will be the beginning of a new phase that is different and unique to each person.
Its price is 333 € and includes two sessions, which are always face.


Upon receipt of the order confirmation, I will contact you to make the appointment in the spaces available.


For sessions: Mallorca ( Spain )
In other provinces and countries, according to availability and times.