Reconnective healing®

Reconnective Healing®️

Reconnective Healing® sessions establishes a new Coherence within you and is a transformation outside of Space-time. This coherence and transformation has brought physical healing instantaneously and also progressively to millions of people in the world. It is considered the evolution of all forms of healing known until now. It has helped many people reorient their lives and relationships. It is a gift of our times that now you can also experience. You have the opportunity to rediscover that you are light in a very tangible and personal way.

Unleash everything that is not important and enjoy who, where and when. There is NO ONE equal to you, YOU ARE UNIQUE !! Live your own experience of Reconnective Healing ® You can also give a session to whomever you want, you will appreciate it ETERNALLY.

Share your love and your light. It is recognized throughout the world. It is not a therapy, it is a life experience. A session lasts one hour, The session is worth 150 euros. For many months the frequencies will continue to bring you energy, light and information. It is progressive and evolutionary. It will continue advancing as you Health, balance, harmony and vital progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness.
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In no way Reconnective Healing®️ practiced by Zaira Luz can be considered a form of therapy or treatment. No specific results are guaranteed or promised. In no case is it advisable to suspend or reduce the medical treatments that you are following. Dr. Pearl and anyone associated with his work, including but not limited to The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®, do not diagnose or treat specific health problems (diseases, pathologies). You are solely responsible for the continuation and follow-up of your own treatment and medical care. For information about Reconnective Healing, visit