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Terms of use and conditions About Reconnective Healing®  and The Reconnection® (La Reconexión). This is a general important note that you should keep in mind with any information and service from Reconnective Healing. It is important because it helps you to better understand what is and what is not and to approach it in a clear and healthy way: Neither Reconnective Healing® nor The Reconnection® are medical treatments or replace them. The contracting of services promoted by Zaira Luz in relation to Reconnective Healing® on the web www.amoryluz.es or outside of it, are based on the understanding that the body has the ability to balance itself, as well as the The person has the ability to evolve and, for this, can count on energy support forms such as Reconnective Healing®. Always, keep in mind that you, the client (or the) are the only responsible for the care of your health. I, Zaira Luz, or the people who collaborate with me, can not (or do) promise or guarantee anything. I am not a doctor or a therapist, so I do not diagnose or treat specific problems or health challenges. I usually choose not to give you my opinion and tell you to follow your own wisdom and common sense, but in case of giving it to you, you should know that it is totally personal and subjective and does not represent any professional advice. I can talk about my experience and what has helped me, but it is you who must decide about yourself, as well as the person who receives the service (or his legal guardian) if you hire him for others. Therefore, the medical treatment that the client follows is his / her own responsibility, as well as consulting with the accredited professionals corresponding to it. What I facilitate is an aid. It is something that has served many people before, that has the support of scientific studies and that I offer as a possibility to support you in your way, but its use depends on you and what you open to the experience, so, as a client you contract Zaira Luz’s services for you and / or others under your own will and responsibility. Any circumstance related to the client or the recipient of the services, before, during or after the session is the exclusive responsibility of the same. The effects of the sessions are different for each person, so no one can be guaranteed in particular. Regarding connection to Reconnective Healing® Frequencies, there is no difference between face-to-face sessions and remote sessions. Zaira Luz is a Professional Facilitator of Reconnective Healing®. The web www.amoryluz.es and its domain are personal property and do not represent that entity, whose official website can be found at www.thereconnection.com 

Image rights and external experiences The testimonies / experiences that appear on its website, on the YouTube channel or in any other medium promoted by Zaira Luz, are offered by people voluntarily, with their own form of expression and as a sign of his experience with Reconnective Healing®. Through their participation, which is done voluntarily and with the willingness to share experiences and benefits for others, those who offer these testimonies or experiences accept the use of their image and content by Zaira Luz, including editing, treatment and dissemination by the means that it considers opportune to give diffusion of its message. Although they may be valuable and meaningful experiences, they represent no guarantee or promise of what Reconnective Healing® or its facilitators can do. Zaira Luz is not responsible for the content or statements offered by these people, their veracity or the dissemination of information about third parties. The personal use of the information contained in these testimonials / experiences by the user is the responsibility of the user. Privacy Policy Sale Policy Payments Payments will be made through the platforms enabled and linked on the site www.amoryluz.es with credit or debit card Visa or Mastercard / Maestro or through PayPal to the account indicated in the Order confirmation. The service must be paid prior to its execution. The customer will receive the invoice of their order with the confirmation of it. If, due to technical incidents, you do not receive it, you can request it by replying to the email address that sent the order. Fiscal data: (Zaira Luz) Diana Jorgelina Lucero NIE x6726379 and Pere Ripoll and Palou 33, 2nd Palma. Spain. Returns Once the payment is confirmed, the service will be taken as contracted. The amounts paid are not refundable. The services are personal and there are no physical products that require shipping / return. Individual face-to-face sessions The date and time will be fixed definitively after having received the payment in the account of Zaira Luz (PayPal account or bank account) and will be notified through one of the means indicated in the order (mainly, email or telephone). If the client does not attend the session on the agreed date and time, it will be given as consumed and completed. In case of unforeseen events by Zaira Luz, a new session date will be agreed. If there are impediments to be able to do it in person (specific events in cities other than Madrid, etc.), for Reconnective Healing®, it can be done remotely. Remote, individual sessions The remote sessions will be held from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 18:00 hs according to availability. Exceptional or urgent cases must be previously consulted with Zaira Luz by phone at (0034) 600012051. The date and time will be fixed definitively after having received the payment in the account of Margarita Álvarez (PayPal account or bank account) and will be notified through one of the means indicated in the order (mainly, email or telephone). The client acknowledges that the contracted service has been carried out on the agreed date, regardless of their sensation or experience, as well as the lack of said sensations or specific results. According.

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Zaira Luz www.amoryluz.es (0034) 600012051 Llamadas y Whatssap En ningún modo Reconnective Healing®️ ni The Reconnection®️ practicadas por Zaira Luz pueden ser consideradas una forma de terapia ni tratamiento. No se garantiza ni promete ningún resultado específico. En ningún caso es aconsejable suspender ni reducir los tratamientos médicos que esté usted siguiendo. El Dr. Pearl y cualquiera asociado a su trabajo, incluyendo pero no limitado a The Reconnection®️ y Reconnective Healing®️, no diagnostican ni tratan problemas de salud (enfermedades, patologías) específicos. Usted es el único responsable de la continuación y el seguimiento de su propio tratamiento y cuidados médicos.