Zaira Luz


I trained with the same Dr. Eric Pearl, as a professional facilitator of Reconnective Healing® with the objective of healing others and healing myself. As Dr. Eric Pearl rightly says in his book “The Reconnection. Heal others, heal yourself” translated into more than 37 languages, endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra author of “Knowing God” and Lee Carol, author of the books of Kryon, among others. Reconnective Healing® is the evolution of all forms of healing known up to now.

How was my Reconnection?

As it happens to many people today, the daily rhythm of our lives is undermining our health. I had a very stressful job that had me completely absorbed and without realizing I only lived for him without thinking about myself. My health was resentful and I did not even realize, until one day I almost suffered a cardiac arrest. My great friend Carlos Alomar, the creator of the wonderful logo of Amor y Luz, was the one who took me to the emergency room. Thank you dear Carlos, for that day and for the logo. Two beautiful reasons to love you dear friend. With Carlos I practiced reconnective healing. The universe brought us together for several reasons. That day he took me to an acquaintance who started talking about healing and reconnection and since then he sowed the seed in me. Personal Reconnection® has found me. I was not looking for anything, and that’s precisely why it happened. Because it comes to you just when you are ready, when you need it most, like everything in this life. But when you least seek it.

Benefits of my Reconnection

I smoked a box of cigarettes every day from an early age. I have stopped smoking tobacco without the slightest effort. It was one of the first consequences of Reconnective Healing®.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and today I do not take any medication for it, it is completely stabilized.

For months I was medicated with Sintrom (anticoagulant) and two types of medication for arrhythmias and anxiety. And after Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® I left all the medication as I was healing. Currently I do not take any medication. My medicine is life, earth, LOVE and LIGHT. My heart works perfectly and I have never felt arrhythmias anymore.

From my reconnection my life began to change completely. Every day something wonderful happens for which to be grateful to be alive, that appears many times as a response. I suffered from insomnia and woke up untiringly during the night, I could not have a more or less fixed schedule of sleep. Now I sleep as if I disconnected the moment I go to bed, I sleep pleasantly and wake up well rested, with energy and vitality, always smiling.

How has my life changed?

With Reconnective Healing® and The Personal Reconnection® I achieved emotional balance. I began to recover my memory, concentration and attention and I developed alone. I am creating an absolutely different reality and I FEEL ABSOLUTELY CAPABLE AT ALL TIMES. I suffered from anxiety. I live now very calm and focused on my life, my things and my own existence. It changed my life completely, I pay attention to moments and people, things happened to be extremely important and to keep me in a state of attachment, to be just that “things” far from being important, I have what I need to live and I LIVE with those things and people without attachment status.

If you are reading this, it is not coincidence. You also deserve an opportunity. Are you ready to take an evolutionary leap ?. You have to know that you are capable of doing it, we all are, we are all one, in diversity. I found my purpose in life! This magnificent profession is my way of healing others and healing myself. Task of vital importance in this plane of existence for all being. My mission is taking place. I have a lot to achieve daily. And with my purpose I want to be part of how many healings are possible to be more and more RECONNECTED that we welcome the GREAT CHANGE. Welcome to the world of the reconnected as they gave it to me is my mission.


I love you, i love


Thank you.